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Racehorse Ownership as a Competition Prize
Our Racehorse Ownership prizes are great value, and perfect for prize raffles, achievement prizes or skill-based competitions. Our prize packs start at only 90.00 and go as high as you wish. They can be used as the main prize, or as runners up prizes dependent on the budget of your competition. We can also provide bespoke prizes with highly individual services if required.

Are our Competition Prizes right for you?
Our prize service for competition winners is unique. They have been provided successfully for a number of prize-giving purposes, including:

>  Charity Fundraisers, Raffles and Prize Draws;
>  Business or Consumer Brand Competition Prizewinners;
>  Charity Auctions;
>  Branded Merchandise Competitions;
>  Salesperson Incentives;
>  Client Gratuities or Presents;
>  Race Night Winners;
>  Sportsman Dinner Prizes;
>  Pub and Club, Darts and Pool League Champions

The Prizes
Your competition winner(s) will be given a share in a racehorse for a specific season. The prize will include as a minimum the following attributes:

>  A specific percentage of one or more racehorses;
>  Access to their own online 'Horse Manager';
>  Regular Online Updates regarding their racehorses;
>  Regular Email Alerts regarding their racehorses;
>  2-3 Trainers yard visits per season;
>  Ability to register for free racecourse Owners Badges when their horse runs;
>  Telephone Helpdesk Support - Access to a Syndicate Manager;
>  A guaranteed percentage of any prizemoney won by the horse.

If you require a more individual prize we can also offer:

>  Involvement in one or multiple racehorses
>  Hold between 10% and a 100% interest in a racehorse for a season
>  Unlimited access to the horse at the trainers yard
>  A VIP Horse Management and hospitality service
>  Be met by one of our knowledgeable representatives at the races
>  Have a racehorse which is trained locally if required
>  Enjoy a share of any winnings in relation to the percentage owned
>  Text Message (SMS) Alerts
>  Organised Visits to Trainers yard just for competition winners
>  Guaranteed Owners Badges each time the horse runs
>  Personal Syndicate Manager allocated to the prizewinners

If required, Lunch/Dinner or other hospitality once, or on a number of occasions at the racecourse can be added to any package.

Prize Voucher Format
To make the presentation special we provide presentation packs with all prizes. When you inform the competition winner of their success, you may present two types of prize - either a Voucher, or a Specific Horse.

The competition winner(s) will be provided with a Voucher with a face value from 60 to 20,000. The winner(s) may then redeem against the 10-16 horses we have available on the Ownaracehorse.co.uk website. If 100% of a specific horse is required, we are able to source suitable horses on demand.

The Voucher contains a code which is used to redeem their prize. The Presentation Pack is similar to the one below, and can be presented either in a 'Gift Pack' format or a 'Welcome Pack' format, depending on the way in which your competition or fundraiser has been run:

Specific Horse Format
When you choose a specific horse as the prize, the competition winner(s) are provided with a specific share in a racehorse you have already chosen. This is particularly popular with regional or branded work, as the name and details of the horse can be used in promotional activities.

The winner(s) receive a presentation pack similar to the one above, but it will also include a detailed profile and photograph of the racehorse. These presentation packs are provided in a 'Gift Pack' format, but can be made in a 'Welcome Pack' format, depending on the way in which your competition or fundraiser has been run.

Our Presentation Packs are included within the quoted costs. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the packs.

Buy Immediately Online or Call Us for a Quote
If you require a single prizewinner pack then you can simply order online. Just click here - remember to set the recipient to 'Prizewinner' or something similar so we know the pack is as a prize.

By calling us you may choose the value of the Voucher and/or the percentage of the racehorse each prizewinner receives. We can provide discounts on volume purchases and ensure you get the most from your budget. Call us on the number above for a quote based on your exact requirements.

Our larger prizes are always quoted upon. As an indication of the costs involved, a 25% interest in a racehorse for either the jumps or flat season for your competition winner would cost from 8,000. Our starter option is for 5% of a shared horse for around 1,500. The grade of your racehorse, length of involvement and benefits chosen will determine pricing. An entire horse for the season starts at 25,000.  See our Private Service shares for further information.

If you wish to add the ability to provide the prizewinner with hospitality whilst at the races, the standard rate is around 150 per head. This would include restaurant tables and/or a private box.

All prices quoted exclude VAT.

Charity Prices
We understand that for charitable causes money is always tight.  If you are a registered charity please call and ask for our 'charity discount'.  This will provide your charity with a 20% discount on any standard purchase, or 10% off any of our Private Service or special shares.  We do require a letter on charity letterhead or an email from your charitable causes recognised website to provide this discount.

We are able to deliver your prizes directly to your prizewinners or by bulk to the client. An small extra charge may be added if bespoke personalisation, proofing and distribution is required.

The Next Step
Call our Helpdesk to speak to a Syndicate Manager who will be able to answer any of your questions and prepare a detailed quote if necessary.




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