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Outright Syndicates
Get involved from only 290 upfront &
then 139 pm
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How does it work?
Get involved on a deeper basis with a 5% or 10% share - guaranteed badges and personal yard visits!

Contact us with your chosen horse and percentage, we'll send you a straight-forward agreement and details for the monthly payment. It's that easy!

    Buying Bigger Ownaracehorse Racehorse Shares outright or leased    

At any one time Ownaracehorse has between 10 and 20 racehorses in full training.  Some of these syndicates contain shareholders who own their share of the racehorse outright or by lease - for its entire racing career.  They pay its ongoing training costs on a monthly basis.

When we have shares available like this they tend to be a minimum share of 5% and you should expect to pay an upfront fee to pay for the share in the horse itself (if buying outright), then a fixed monthly payment which covers all the costs of training and racing. the monthly fee is set to run for 12 months of the year so that it smoothes out the costs instead of there being large costs in the main part of the season.  Our fixed costs include ALL vets fees.

Further details

These syndicates are for racing enthusiasts who want the thrill of owning a set percentage of a racehorse, and wish to benefit from our private service and also any increase in value the racehorse may attract. This is full ownership and you get guarantees of race-day owners badges and other ownership benefits such as personal visits to the trainers yard.

We provide shares in multiples of 2.5%, 5% or 10.0% to people who would like to make an outright purchase.  With each racehorse there is an up-front fee for the the purchase of the share - which can be from 100 up to 5000 per share.

Each month there is a set fee which includes all expenses for the monthly training costs.  Monthly fees depend on the trainer and type of horse, but range from 210 to 279 per 10% per month, fully inclusive of VAT. They can be paid by standing order or direct debit.

This arrangement gives you voting rights over the destiny of the racehorse and the type of races it runs in - and ultimately whether it is sold or retained.  We have many shareholders with these types of shares - and work closely with them to ensure they get plenty of value for money.

If you are interested in discussing a share of this type, please contact us with the horse name and percentage you are interested in. If you wish to purchase, you can set up your direct debit straight over the internet by using the SyndicateManager.com system.

If you would like to speak with someone about owning a share in a racehorse outright, please contact Richard Laws via the Helpdesk or by calling 07960 542837.



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