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    Extra Services from the Racehorse Manager    
    The core service from the Racehorse Manager is the effective management and information provision regarding your racehorse.  However, there are ancillary services which our shareholders find useful.


One to Watch
We have two full-time professional handicappers who work with Ownaracehorse.  They help to source racehorses and also analyse form and pedigrees.  Through the course of their working week they often come across racehorses which are notable or are worth following in their next few races.

Our 'One To Watch' service comes free with your Racehorse Manager account, and provides regular information regarding racehorses which our handicappers believe should be monitored.  This service is very popular with shareholders, and whilst it is not a bland tipping service, it provides interest and regular insight into racehorses which are running in the close future.

Did You Know
Our 'Did You Know' feature is an enjoyable distraction for shareholders - with hundreds of facts and figures regarding racing and owning racehorses. 

Raceday Form Analysis
Our raceday form analysis is provided by our in-house handicappers.  Every time your racehorse runs a race you will receive a posting in your Racehorse Manager which provides a non-biased view of the race.

It is quite normal for our handicappers to decide that an alternative racehorse is more likely to provide value in a race, than our own horse.  However, the analysis is hugely popular with shareholders and is invaluable in determining a racehorse's true chances in a race.

Our raceday form analysis regularly provides a profit to level stakes throughout the season. 

All of these extra services are part of the Racehorse Manager and are free for all shareholders. However, none of the above are tipping services - our primary and overriding objective is to provide the leading racehorse management service in the UK. 


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