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    The Ownaracehorse Gallery    
    One of the major areas of interest within the Racehorse Manager is the Gallery.  The Gallery contains photos and videos of all the horses in training and is updated frequently with the latest photos and videos - viewable from any browser.
Shareholders are able to view and download unlimited numbers of photos from the Gallery, and where possible we also include the raceday photos from the on-course photographer.

Video Clips are particularly revealing - especially of work at home.

Shareholders also have the ability to add their own photos to the Gallery, simply by sending them through to the Ownaracehorse Helpdesk.

Comments can be made on all of the photos and videos by shareholders, and we also have albums which are dedicated to the yard visits held each Spring and Autumn.

Videos do not require special software to view - the Gallery will display to 99% of browsers.





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