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Give an Ownaracehorse Gift Pack
Sent 1st Class to you or directly to your recipient within two days of your order

Don't know which horse to choose? No problem - go for one of our Gift Vouchers.

Want to give an extra special present to fulfil a dream for someone?  Take a look at our Special Gift Packs.  

Our Gift Packs are full of information and provides your recipient with everything they need to get the most from their experience.

Want to give them more than one horse? Our Self Select service means you can choose multiple racehorses as part of your gift.  

We have up to five trainers based up and down the country, so there will always be one within easy reach of you.

All our packs are a one-off cost - processed using our secure and trusted partner Stripe.  
  All our Gift Packs provide your lucky recipient with online updates, stable visits and access to Owners Badges when their racehorse runs - for the entire racing season! Want to know what the packs contain?
You can  view the Gift Pack contents here


  Standard Gift Pack  
Our entry level Gift Voucher Pack, it allows your recipient to choose their own horse.  The pack is personalised and includes a voucher for £90 which is usually enough for your recipient to choose a single share in one of our cheaper racehorses, or they can add a little cash to the voucher themselves if they wish.

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  Premium Gift Pack  
  The Premium Gift Voucher Pack provides an enhanced voucher for £200 and FREE postage and packing.  Your recipient will be able to choose virtually any horse from those available.  Alternatively they may wish to buy a share in two or more horses, enabling them to build up their own small 'string' of racehorses!

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  Special Gift Pack  
  If you really want to provide your recipient with an extra special present, then our Special Gift Voucher Pack option is the one to go for.  You choose the value of the voucher, starting at an enhanced £300 voucher with FREE postage and packing.  Purchasing a voucher value of £1499 and above could qualify your recipient for our 'Private Service' which guarantees them a share of up to 4%, guaranteed VIP badges at the races and provides them with a personal and special service.


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  Self Select Gift Pack  
  If you would like to select the racehorse for your recipient, then you can simply buy a share or two and add the personalised Gift Pack (£9.95) onto the total cost of the shares.  This option removes the ability for your gift recipient to choose their racehorses, but their Gift Pack will come complete with a photo and racehorse profile of the racehorse you choose for them.
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