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    How does Ownaracehorse work?    

Have you dreamed of what it would be like to own a racehorse but always felt you could not afford it? At Ownaracehorse.co.uk you can enjoy the thrill of ownership, see your nominated horse in the parade ring, visit it at the stables, meet the trainer and even share in its winnings for an entire season.

We are a new breed of racehorse syndication managers. We source decent, competitive racehorses and then place the horse onto the Ownaracehorse site. We break each horse into affordable amounts, so our customers may purchase a small and specific interest in one or more horses at very low cost for the next racing season.

The Ownaracehorse website allows people from all walks of life and from all over the world to become involved in real racehorses and savour the ownership experience whilst still getting maximum access to every piece of information regarding their horse.

We manage all the information regarding your horse in an online system we call our 'Racehorse Manager'. You can visit the Racehorse Manager at any time of the day or night and read the latest information about your horse - or even watch the video of its latest race!

With Ownaracehorse you still get many of the benefits of racehorse ownership - such as seeing your horse run at the racecourse, enjoying free or discounted entry to the course, visiting your horse at your trainers yard and keeping abreast of its race plans as they develop over the course of the season.

Each share we offer in each horse also provides you with a single one-off cost, with nothing else to pay for the season. We have accounted for every cost within the low price you see advertised - including training, transport, silks, jockey and entry fees.

As every cost is already catered for, every time your horse wins prizemoney, we then allocate it directly to your online Racehorse Manager, so at the end of the share period if your horse has performed well you can claim your share of the winnings - what could be more fun?




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