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    Ordering a racehorse share for yourself    
    To buy a share in a racehorse from the Ownaracehorse website, simply follow these three easy steps below.  If you are buying a gift, try these alternative instructions.

Choose a racehorse from our 'View the Horses' area. Click on the 'View Racehorses' link on the menu bar above to start viewing the available horses.

Before you buy, you need to decide:

a)  Do you want to involve your friends? (you will be required to buy a minimum number of shares in a horse in order to syndicate your racehorse)

b)  Do you want to collect prizemoney? - to qualify for winnings you will need to purchase a minimum volume of shares.  Most racehorses either need one or two shares to be purchased to qualify for prizemoney payments.  This is stated in the purchase box at the bottom of the racehorse overview.

c)  When do you want your ownership to start? - some shares will be set to start in the future, others may be live already. Not all shares will last a year - some will be for a season or part of a season.

Once you have chosen a horse, select the number of shares and then simply click on the BUY button alongside the horses details. To buy a share you can use your Credit card, Debit Card or your Paypal account

You will then be taken through our purchase process:

a)  Check the total cost and number of shares. Decide whether you want a Welcome Pack - if its your first share with us, the pack is very helpful.

b)  Fill in your personal account details & choose your password.

c)  You will be able to pay by any of the following methods: Mastercard, Visa, Debit Card, Paypal or Cheque.

d)  Look out for your joining email! - we will send you a confirmation of your purchase and then separately, within 24 hours, an account activation message which will include your Racehorse Manager login.

Click on the 'Login' tab to enter the Racehorse Manager

The Ownaracehorse site is not just a way of buying shares in racehorses. We have a sophisticated, but easy to use online information and management system.

This site will keep you in touch with your horse, trainer and other owners (if you want). This is why we can provide the racehorse ownership experience at such competitive rates - we have created a website which keeps all of our owners in touch with their horses' development at all times.

To login to your account:

a)  Click the 'Login' button on the top right of every page - you will be taken to a secure login page.

b)  Fill in the login details - this is a Username we have provided for you, plus a password you choose when signing up.

c)  Click the 'Racehorse Manager Login' button.

That's It!  Welcome to a thrilling ownership experience with Ownaracehorse!




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