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Having problems logging into your Racehorse Manager - keep getting a message saying your login details are incorrect?  Hopefully we will have the answer below:

Firstly, the basics:
Check that you have the right login details - you need an email address and password.  You can get confirmation of your password by using our password reminder facility which is on the login page.

You will need the email address which is on your account to get your password sent to you.

Got a Voucher?
If you have been bought a voucher, then you will not have a password - you need to first choose a horse and then go through the purchase process - and inputting your voucher code. Once you have redeemed your voucher, we will send you your login details to the Racehorse Manager.  Read our page on how to redeem your gift voucher for full details.

Still not getting logged in?  Then try this:
Go to the login page and instead of trying to insert your user/pass into the login boxes, just submit two blank boxes.  If your browser is set to 'remember' your details, then delete these from the boxes before you submit. 

You will get an error message - but that's Ok - because you will have flushed out the details which were held there, and which are probably causing the problem.  Now try inserting your user/pass again and clicking the login button.

Using Microsoft's Internet Explorer?
If none of the above doesn't work, try adding Ownaracehorse.co.uk to the list of trusted sites by doing the following:

- In Internet Explorer go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options
- Click on the Security tab and select the Trusted sites zone by clicking on the green icon with the tick
- Click on the Sites button and Remove the tick in the Require server verification (https) for all sites in this zone box.
- In the Add this Web site to the zone field type www.ownracehorse.co.uk and then click on Add button
- Then Click on OK and OK again.
- You may need to close all browser windows and/or restart your PC to ensure that these changes have taken effect.

If none of the above works you may need to upgrade IE either to a later version or to include a later Service Pack for your current version. See the Microsoft website for information and downloads.

Note: We have not found this problem with Netscape or Firefox/Google Chrome so if you have this browser installed you could use it instead, or download a copy from the browsers creators websites.

AOL Users
We strongly advise users of the AOL browser to swap to IE, Firefox or Netscape when using the Racehorse Manager. The AOL browser has some very stringent security features which may make accessing Ownaracehorse very difficult. Your Windows software should come bundled with a version of Internet Explorer.

Still unable to gain access?
You can email us and we will look into the problem.  Or call us on the helpdesk number at the top of the page.





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