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    What the media say about Ownaracehorse    
    Ownaracehorse is such a novel concept, we attract attention from both Racing and general media.

Our Gift Packs are particularly popular as a subject for magazines and newspapers, and we get our fair share of coverage in the sports pages when our racehorses win a race of note.

The following are a few examples of our coverage in the media.  Please note that none of these publications have received any payment for their inclusion of our service.

> The Telegraph on Saturday Gift Feature 2012
The Telegraph, that national institution, have picked up on our Gift Packs for their 2012 Christmas 'Last Word on Christmas' feature on Saturday 15th December.

> The Telegraph Online 2012
The Telegraph Online has featured our Gift Packs for their 2012 Online Christmas Gift Guide.

> The Observer 2012
The Sunday version of The Observer featured gift ideas for Christmas 2012 and listed Ownaracehorse and one of their ideas for people who 'can't get enough' of Claire Balding!  It included a large photo of one of the Ownaracehorse horses.

> Shortlist rank Ownaracehorse in top five gifts
Shortlist, the online ranking website placed us in their top five Gifts 2008.

> Sunday Express Magazine
In 2007 we were featured in the Sunday Express Magazine, as a gift which was perfect for a racing enthusiast.  This feature was part of a 'fractional ownership' piece.

> 'The Week' highlights Ownaracehorse
The Week is a London publication which provides a weekly roundup of the news featured across all the media.  Ownaracehorse was deemed worthy of mention as a novel birthday or Christmas gift.

> Woman Magazine
We made it into the top 21, in their top 21 'different and interesting' gifts to provide at Christmas in 2008, as suggested by 'Woman' magazine.

> The Independent
We made it in at number 20 out of 100 gift options for Christmas in the Independent. This was a standalone gift guide which went out on a Saturday.

> Bolton News
The Bolton News picked up on our Gift options and featured us in their newspaper in a series of 'top gifts' features before Christmas





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