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    Accessing the Racehorse Manager with mobile devices    
    Ownaracehorse are the only syndication service to offer full access to the latest information regarding your racehorse through your internet enabled mobile phone - and at no extra cost!

Once you have a share in one of our horses you may login to our website-based Racehorse Manager system - which provides a huge range of information about your horse, including its entries and the latest news updates.

You can also login to Ownaracehorse Mobile, a special version of our Horse Manager which is build specifically for Mobile Phones and other mobile devices.

The Mobile Racehorse Manager allows you to login, and view all the latest postings regarding your racehorse, including race updates, yard news, training updates and general site news as well. If you are away from your PC when your horse is due to run, you can check on its progress from your mobile!

The address for the service is: http://www.ownaracehorse.co.uk/wap

You can view it now - just click on the link and you can see the service in action. As well as accessing your Horse Manager, new customers can also view our available horses and buy from their mobile if they wish.

With Iphone and Ipad/tablet technology now very advanced, the standard Racehorse Manager V3.3 has been constructed to be used on these devices and you can conduct all your management of your racehorse perfectly, despite screen size variants. 

To access the Mobile Horse Manager you need to have access to an internet enabled mobile phone. The service works on 90% of wireless devices. We do not charge for the service once you have a shareholder account, but your mobile network will charge you for your online time.

Future Developments

At the moment, the Mobile service provides news, updates and yard information, however it will soon include the ability to view entries, declarations, book badges for the races and view past results and shareholder/trainer comments regarding a run.




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