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    Give an Ownaracehorse Gift Voucher Pack - and provide a gift where your recipient gets to choose their horse and trainer    
    DATE POSTED: 12/06/2013    

Its always a problem - should you choose a horse for your Dad's Birthday, or let him choose from all of those horses available?  Should you choose a horse for your Mum with a nice name or let her find a world-beater herself

It the most-asked question we get at Ownaracehorse.  "Should I choose a horse myself, or let my Mum/Dad/Husband choose for themselves?

Choosing a horse and presenting them with a Gift Pack with a photo of the horse concerned and a profile is a very nice present - but it can in some cases take away a little bit of the enjoyment as well.

Many of our shareholders tell us that once they had received their 'unexpected gift' that they thoroughly enjoyed working through all the horses available to choose the one or two they were finally going to go for.  Some shareholders end up taking months to make their decision, and others years!

We always honour all Gift Vouchers - no matter how long it take for you to choose!

Our Gift Vouchers start at a value of 99 and go up as far as you wish - some lucky recipients have had thousands to spend and gone for 'Private Service' shares, providing them with 5.0% and above shares which come with guaranteed Owners Badges each time the horse runs, plus an enhanced service.

To see what the options are, view our Gift Pack pages.

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