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    Our racehorse sourcing and sales policy    

At Ownaracehorse we have a team of people who are constantly searching for suitable horses to add to our growing number of racehorses available to purchase.

We are different from other Syndicate Managers because we don't seek to syndicate 100% of our horses.  Because we only syndicate 25% to 50% of the horse through Ownaracehorse, it means that shareholders are not one of thousands, but usually only one of 40-80 people in the horse for the season.

This means that when it comes to attending our yard visits or the racecourse as an owner, you have a realistic chance of getting free or discounted badges, and you are not just a number.

We work with trainers who not only are capable of training our horses to win races, but also commit to providing all the horses information we require on an ongoing basis. Our trainers and horses are bought with two objectives in mind, to provide value for money and thrills at the racecourse.

Of course, horses can become injured or lose their form - that's all part of proper ownership. However, we are one of the only small share syndicates where every single shareholder is allocated winnings into their 'Racehorse Manager' account according to the size of the share they take for the season.

We always look for horses which are already in training and have shown some ability on the racetrack or gallops. This means that you get top value for your investment - horses which in all likelihood will run because they are fit, and will stand a chance of winning because they have past form which indicates a winning run is within their capability.

When we create a share period we do so to ensure you get value for money. Why pay for a horse when it is out of training over the winter? Many syndicates will do this. With Ownaracehorse your share period is geared to when your horse will be in action.

When a racehorse has become uncompetitive or injured and its racing career is over, we will either sell the horse at one of the primary horse sales, or we will sell it privately to go to a new life.  We also re-train our horses at our pre-training and livery yard in Gisburn, Lancashire, to give them every chance of having a positive future.




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