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    Racehorse share prices    

To make buying a share in a racehorse simple we only make one charge - for the share you purchase. There are no further charges, and some shares can cost less than 60.00!

You do not have to buy any more than one share in a single racehorse to become involved and most horses only require one or two shares to be bought for you to claim prizemoney, should your horse do well.

Each time your horse runs there will be the opportunity for it to win prizemoney - if it does, we allocate it to your account in line with the percentage you hold. Click here for an explanation of how we allocate prizemoney.

To claim prizemoney you will need to buy a minimum number of shares - which is stated on the horses particulars in "View The Horses". Similarly, if you wish to syndicate your share to friends or colleagues you will have to purchase a minimum number of shares. This varies, and the share amount required is stated against each horse in "View The Horses".

The prices we advertise in our 'View the Horses' is the cost per share - and we also state the percentage share of the horse interest you are buying. If you buy more than one share, your overall percentage will increase - and if you buy multiple shares you will have priority when we allocate the free Owners Badges when your horse runs.

Once you buy your shares, the number of shares available in that horse will reduce in line with the amount you have bought. We only ever sell a set number of shares per horse to ensure we don't get too many people in one racehorse.

Due to the nature of the service we provide, there are no standard share prices - the price depends on the training deal we have managed to broker with each trainer and also how many times we expect the horse to run. Also, most of the shares will be for a particular season - for example the All-Weather season (November through to March each year) or the flat turf season (April - November).

Keep checking back with us or register for our fortnightly update email, from time to time you may find some short term shares at knock down prices!

Join Our Share Savings Club
We have a savings club where shareholders are able to set up a credit card, debit card or a direct electronic payment to us each month and we credit your Racehorse Manager account with not only your monthly payment, but a small bonus as well!

For more information, please view our Share Savings Club page.




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