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    More details about the Private Service    

Are you looking to have a deeper involvement with racehorse ownership or to provide a very special gift? At Ownaracehorse we provide a special service for shareholders who wish to purchase a larger percentage - and therefore benefit from a personally managed shareholding service.

We can provide leases for the season in both jumping or flat racehorses. Our prices for a 5.0% lease are dependent on the horse concerned, but start at only 800 plus VAT one-off cost for the season. We have many 'Private Service' shareholders who own up to 25% of a single horse.

Our Private service is just that - you are treated as an individual owner of the racehorse for the season and will benefit from days at the races with guaranteed Owners Badges and regular communications from your dedicated syndicate manager, by phone, email or Text Message (to suit you) to ensure you have a thrilling and personal experience with your racehorse.

The private service requires you to purchase a minimum of  percentage in a single racehorse, usually 5.0%.  The available racehorses, percentages and costs are displayed on the Private Service purchase page.

You may decide you like the look of one of our horses on this site, or you may contact us to discover which alternative horses we have which may meet your requirements. At any one time we always have many more horses available than we display on the website. To enquire, simply call us on the number above.

If you wish to buy the 'Private Service' as a gift, we will provide a Gift Pack for the day you present them with the present, plus a personal horse management service devised just for your recipient. You may give a gift of a specific horse, or leave the decision to your recipient. See our Private Service Gifts page for more details.

The primary benefit of the Private service is that you will have access to a syndicate manager and he or she will proactively manage your involvement.

Because of the way we source and manage our racehorses, you will also benefit from a very low price for a set period of ownership - which means you will not be entering into an open-ended agreement. Our single up-front payment covers the entire share period, all training costs, feed, vets bills, gallops fees and entry fees are included in the cost. We can also time the ownership to suit you - for a season or a year and to start when you wish.

Personal Approach: You will have plenty of opportunity to meet your syndicate manager and he or she will organise all your trips to the trainer and the races.

Syndicate Management: You will have full access to the online Racehorse Manager, and you will be able to speak to your shareholder manager whenever you wish to get a full update. If you wish to share your shareholding with others, we are happy to accommodate this.

Private Service details:

>  You receive your full percentage of any winnings.

>  There are no other costs to pay, regardless of how many times your horse runs.

>  You are guaranteed an Owners Badge each time your horse runs.

>  You may visit your trainers yard on a one-to-one basis.

>  You have the opportunity to continue or leave the syndicate at the end of the season

>  You will be invited to special events at racecourses when we provide hospitality.

>   If one of your horses is injured for a period of time, we will substitute another to ensure you gets days out at the races

> We only have a maximum of four 'Private Service' clients per racehorse, which ensures we can maintain the very highest level of personal service.

If you would like to discuss our private syndication service please contact our Helpdesk on the number above.



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