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    Private Service Gifts    

Do you wish to give a person a deep involvement with racehorse ownership? Ownaracehorse is the perfect way of providing a season-long racehorse ownership experience with only a single, one-off up-front payment to make.

Your recipient will not need to spend anything extra, as everything is included in the up-front price of the racehorse or gift voucher.

Your lucky recipient will be treated as a VIP individual owner of the racehorse for the season and will benefit from days at the races with guaranteed Owners Badges and regular communications from your dedicated syndicate manager, by phone, email or Text Message (to suit you) to ensure they have a thrilling and personal experience with your racehorse gift.

Two options for the 'Private Service' Gift

You may give a gift of a specific horse, or leave the decision to your recipient by purchasing one of our Private Service Vouchers:

Selecting a Private Service Racehorse
If you would like to select the racehorse yourself, and then provide your lucky recipient with the racehorse then take a look at our Private Service deals page.  Simply choose a racehorse which you believe suits your recipient, select the Gift Pack option (at no extra charge) and then go through to pay.  You can pay by credit or debit debit card, Paypal or send us a cheque.
Private Service Vouchers
If you want to allow your recipient to be able to choose their own racehorses, then this is the best option.  You can purchase a voucher with a set face value, and your recipient can then use the voucher to purchase one of the Private service deals.  We recommend a 1,500 voucher as a minimum, as most of the private service deals will start at that amount.

However, if once your recipient has chosen a racehorse, either yourself or they can add to the voucher if they wish.

If you would like to provide a 'Blank Cheque Choice' we can provide a gift where your recipient will have the choice of any private service share.  In this instance we ask you to place a 2,000 payment on deposit - and then email or call us to request the blank cheque option.  Your recipient will be provided with a 'blank cheque' gift - which allows them to choose any private service racehorse - and once they choose their gift we make a balancing payment or refund to your credit/debit card.

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