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    Introduction to the Racehorse Manager    
    When you buy a racehorse from Ownaracehorse you're not just buying participation in a racehorse. We create a Racehorse Manager Account for you to manage and get the most from your racehorse ownership.


The Racehorse Manager provides you with all the latest information about your horse and trainer. We also provide a whole host of services which keep you in touch with your trainer and how your horse is performing.  As well as regular updates on your racehorse, there are a wealth of other features.

Every share you purchase comes with:

  >  24-hour access to your Racehorse Managerô
  >  Run and race planning updates on your horse
  >  All entries and declarations reported and analysed
  >  Race previews
  >  Race results, analysis and video
  >  Regular trainer updates and comments
  >  Trainer feedback on each run
  >  Yard updates
  >  Yard visit
  >  Run performance comments
  >  Owners badge management for racedays
  >  Complete personal account information
  >  Racehorse Gallery, including yard video
  >  Race Video to view online after the race
  >  Configurable Email and Text Message updates
  >  Prizemoney management and claim processes
  >  Shareholder comment system
  >  Syndicate blog and site news updates
  >  'Did you know' and 'horses to watch' features

Login to the Racehorse Manager by clicking the login button (top right on any page) and you have access to every piece of information you require about your horse - all updated on a daily basis.

You may contact us by email or telephone, and you can also access your trainer through our feedback system.





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