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    Racehorse ownership with Ownaracehorse    
    When you take a share in a racehorse from our website you are provided with a specific share percentage from Ownaracehorse. This percentage is allocated to your Ownaracehorse account.
The one big advantage of buying from Ownaracehorse is simply value for money. Some of the shares in the horses we provide to our customers cost less than 100, and many of them will guarantee a run, as the share period covers the racing season.

Our method of ownership allows you to become involved with a horse, trainer and racing yard for a period of time that suits you and your level of involvement. Your payment is one-off, with no extra costs to pay you can just sit back and enjoy the thrill of the ownership experience.

The Ownaracehorse Team spends much of its time sourcing and investigating horses which would be suitable for the website we are always looking for horses with the following attributes:
  >  Fit and ready to run within the share period;
  >  Decent level of ability already displayed;
  >  Good pedigree;
  >  Potential to improve on previous form.
The other side of the equation is the Trainer, and with over 1000 racehorse trainers across the codes in the UK, we are constantly evaluating trainers and visiting their yards to determine whether they are suitable to bring value to our customers. They must display:
  >  Decent or improving run to win records;
  >  Innovative and improving yard;
  >  Willingness to provide in-depth information regarding race plans, expected
      performance and race feedback.
We do not set out to provide shares for years on end the length of the share period and the number of shares available on the Ownaracehorse site are always directly related to the agreement we have with the trainer. We do not operate like a Racing Club, who will sell to as many people as possible when you buy a share in a horse through Ownaracehorse you will be told exactly what share of the overall horse you are being allocated and what the financial benefits will be should the horse win any prize money during the share period. On average we have 35-70 people involved in each racehorse.
We take care of all the legal paperwork, liaison with the various racing bodies and payments to the trainer. We also ensure you are always up to date on what is happening with your racehorse, with regular posts regarding potential runs, trainer expectations, yard newsletters and racing reviews all posted to your own personal area of your own Racehorse Manager. This leaves you to simply enjoy the anticipation, excitement and thrill of participating in a real racehorse.





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