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    Our Racing Syndicates    
    Ownaracehorse has been managing small share and large share syndicates since 2004.  In that time we have syndicated over 120 racehorses to over 8000 shareholders.

Types of racehorses

We attempt to provide competitive racehorses who will win races.  At any one time we always have flat, hurdlers and chasers available to purchase, many for under 100 for the season.  When you consider that it costs on average 25,000 to keep a racehorse in training for a season, the prices we charge for involving you in the wonderful world of racehorse ownership is very reasonable - especially when you also remember that our average racehorse costs 6,000 to 20,000 to purchase.

All our racehorse shares are One-Off costs - you are never asked for further investment. 

Choosing a racehorse

If you are interested in going racing with your racehorses, you need to consider where the horse is likely to race.  If you like a horse based in Scotland, but live in Surrey, the chances are that you won't travel 300 miles to see it race at Edinburgh.  So look for a trainer who is within reasonable distance of where you, or your gift recipient lives.

When considering which horses to choose, make sure you ready our 'Racehorse Profiles' as they will tell you exactly what the horse is expected to achieve, and also how many times we expect the horse to run.  Usually a sprint racehorse (running over 5f to 6f) will run more times that a long distance specialist, and a younger horse will usually not race as much as an older one.  However, it does not always work out this way! 

Getting the most from your shares

Attending the races and the yard visits is a must in order to get the real flavour of racehorse ownership.  We strongly advise trying each at least once within your ownership share period.

Also, don't forget to make the most of your racehorse ownership management account. As well as standard updates, there are plenty of blogs and other features which are updated virtually every day - and these are worth keeping up with.  

Buying your share

Click on the 'View Horses' button in the menu above and then you will see the first horse which is available.  To view more horses, use the menu on the left.  when you are ready to buy, use the 'BUY' button at the bottom of the racehorse's page (you can choose to buy a Gift Pack or a Welcome Pack, if the share is for yourself).

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