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    Redeeming your Ownaracehorse Gift Voucher    
    If you have been given one of the Ownaracehorse Gift Vouchers, congratulations!  Follow the instructions below in order to redeem your voucher and enjoy a season as a racehorse owner.  This process should only take 3-4 minutes:

1.  Take your voucher out of your Gift Pack.  You will need to use the voucher code written on the voucher - it is always a combination of letters and numbers.

2.  Choose a racehorse from those racehorses available. You may have a large enough voucher to buy more than one racehorse - but in the first instance, choose one horse - you will not lose any of the voucher value - and you can add more horses using the same voucher once you have your Racehorse Manager account set up.

3.  On the horse overview of your choice, choose the number of shares - untick both gift pack and welcome pack - you don't need these.  you will come to a page which summarises your 'purchase' and asks if you have a voucher code - insert your code now.   

4.  Continue with the checkout process, adding you personal details in order to create your account.

If your voucher doesn't cover the cost of the share

Your voucher value will be deducted from the total cost and then you will be asked to pay the difference - either by credit or debit card.

If your voucher covers the entire cost of the share, and there is some cash left
Our purchase system will allow you to purchase the share without the need to pay anything, and any cash left on your voucher will be placed into your Racehorse Manager account.  You can use the remaining voucher at any point in the future.

5.  On completion of the process you will receive a confirmation email and be taken to a page which tells you you have successfully created your account.  If this process fails, please contact us immediately.

6.  Go to the Log in page (click on the link, top right, on any page) and use your Username and Password as provided in your welcome email.

7.  That's it!  Welcome to racehorse ownership!




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