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    Join our Share Savings Club    

If you would love to follow your shares in your racehorses with Ownaracehorse, but find an annual up-front fee is a lot to pay, then consider setting up an easy, regular payment to us once a month. 

Or why not buy this as a gift - with your recipient benefiting from 5% extra for every pound saved? It's a great way for them to build up a string of horses to follow through the seasons.

How does the Share Savings Club work?
Our savings club is a very simple way of building up a 'pot' of money with which to pay for your shares when the new season comes around.  You just provide us with your Credit Card or Debit Card information and decide how much you want to save each month, and we will do the rest. Alternatively, you can set up your own electronic payment (standing order, Paypal or similar) to us so you can stop and start as you wish.

Each month, on a specific date (or closest working day) we will charge your card or receive your electronic payment with the amount you choose to save and then add that amount to your Racehorse Manager Account, plus a free bonus of 5%.  Your balance can be viewed and used at any time via your Racehorse Manager Account.

We then send you a receipt by email every month to let you know that the transaction has been completed successfully.

How much should I save?
It's completely up to you how much you wish to save each month - however, the minimum is 8.00.  Saving 8.00 each month would give you just over 100 per year to spend on a share of your choice (including your 5% bonus).

Here's some examples:

 Saved per month  Bonus per month (5%) Monthly
Annual Savings to spend Share your savings will buy
8.00 0.40 8.40 100.80 1 Standard small share
12.00 0.60 12.60 151.20 80% of available shares
*20.00 *1.00 *21.00 *252.00 Site wide choice or multiple shares
50.00 2.50 52.50 630.00 2.5% Private service share
100.00 5.00 105.00 1260.00 5.0% Private service share

* Most popular choice with our shareholders.

How do I use the savings to buy shares?
This is simple - either call our Helpdesk, who will do the transaction for you, or you can login to your Racehorse Manager and add a share to your account whenever you want.   The value of your savings, plus bonus, will be deducted from the total cost of the share, or if it covers it completely, there will be nothing to pay, and any savings left over will start your next 'pot'.

How do I start saving for shares?
In order to set up a regular payment to us, we need you to complete a simple form

Complete and send the form to us by post or by email at the postal address supplied or to helpdesk@ownaracehorse.co.uk - we will confirm when everything is set up, which is usually within 2 working days.

The other option is to set up a standing order to us yourself - so that you can control the payments. 
Download the set-up form by clicking the button above - it has all the account details you need on it.

If you have any questions regarding the Ownaracehorse Share Savings club, then don't hesitate to email or call us on the telephone number above for more information. 

You can cancel your monthly savings AT ANY TIME and you can use your savings to purchase outright or put towards a share AT ANY TIME.  If you wish to provide this service as a gift, we can pay the savings and bonuses into the account of your choice. 

Please note: To qualify for the 5% bonus you must agree to a minimum of 6 monthly payments. Savings made to your Racehorse Manager Account can only be used to purchase Ownaracehorse shares and associated services and are not refundable as cash.





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