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    We actively encourage discussion and feedback    
    We make extensive use of our shareholders views and comments in the Racehorse Manager.  Every time your syndicate manager or trainer makes a posting, you have the ability as an owner to give your view.

We recognise that shareholders may not always agree with the way a horse has been campaigned, and perhaps be disappointed with a particular aspect of the horses season - but we like to know how shareholders feel - so every Blog, Racehorse Update, Gallery posting of photos and video, plus Race Results all have their own feedback facility.

You can post if you wish, or just read what other shareholders have to say - its up to you!

Of course there are also those days when everything goes right and your racehorse will win - in these cases we pass on all shareholder comments to the trainers.

The provision of a feedback facility means that there is a true community feel to the Racehorse Manager - with real shareholders able to voice opinion.  





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