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Flexible racehorse ownership for businesses of all sizes

Whether you are looking for an interest in a racehorse for the purpose of entertaining clients, or you simply want to become involved with a racehorse via your business for personal purposes, we have the expertise and experience to make this happen to a strict budget, and with a wide range of horses and trainers to choose from.


Your involvement with horseracing through Ownaracehorse Ltd will always include the ownership of a racehorse and you may decide yourself whether you wish to include the ability to entertain clients at the same time.

Successful Ownership depends on the individuals you deal with, and your Syndicate Manager will consult with you, help you in the choice of a suitable horse and manage your chosen racehorse for the season. We also provide a management service which includes:

>  Regular Updates regarding your Racehorse
>  Access to our online Horse Manager.
>  Contact with your trainer
>  Regular 'managed' yard visits (2-3 per season, plus you can visit the yard as you wish)
>  Days at the races when your horse is running
>  Your share of any winnings the horse generates
>  Access to your own personal Syndicate Manager

You will also receive all the normal benefits associated with Racehorse Ownership, including a number of free Owners Badges for the racecourse when your horse runs and all prizemoney in direct proportion to your share.

The Service
Our service for businesses includes the ability to:

>  Be involved in one or many racehorses
>  Hold a minimum of 10% interest in each racehorse
>  Entertain clients or colleagues at the racecourse when your horse runs
>  Have one of our knowledgeable representatives at the races
>  Have a racehorse which is trained locally if required
>  Share the racehorse with up to 12 people in your organisation or clients
>  Enjoy a unique sport with your clients at an affordable rate

In order to accurately assess your exact requirements we need to discuss your requirements and the options available. However, as an indication of the costs involved, a 25% interest in a racehorse for either the jumps or flat season for your business would cost from 8,000. Our starter option is for 10% of a shared horse for around 2,500. The grade of your racehorse and length of your involvement will determine pricing. An entire horse for the season starts at around 22,000.

If you wish to add the ability to entertain clients whilst at the races, the standard rate is around 70 per head. This would include restaurant tables and/or a private box.

All prices quoted exclude VAT. Racehorse ownership as a means of entertaining clients is an allowable expense for a business, so your VAT may be reclaimed.

The Next Step
For a discussion regarding your requirements please call our business syndicate manager Richard Laws on the number above. We are happy to provide initial proposals based on telephone conversations. Alternatively, make your request or query via email.




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