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Ownaracehorse isn't just a salesroom for racehorses. We have a complete management system for racehorses - making it easy to follow your horse both online and offline.

Within our Racehorse Manager - the owners area of the Ownaracehorse site - we provide the ability for you to share horses you become involved with (we call this "Syndication").

What is a syndicate?
A horseracing syndicate is any group of people who take a share in a racehorse - and enjoy the thrill of horseracing as a group. Work colleagues, groups of friends, social clubs and pubs, investment clubs and sports teams all take shares in horses with us. The difference with Ownaracehorse is that you pay one price up front with nothing else to pay. Then we give you the ability to easily share the experience of racehorse ownership - using our Horse Manager system.

How do you set up a syndicate?
Collect the names and email addresses of those people who wish to be part of the horse. If you have people who don't have an email address, they can still be involved, but they won't receive the updates about the horse during the share period - such as entries, declarations, horse updates, results and run reports.

Then all you need is to choose a horse from our 'View the Horses' area and make sure you meet our minimum requirement of shares in order to syndicate. Usually this is between 2.5% and 5.0% of one horse. You may wish to look at the offers in our 'Private Service' area of the website.

Once you have paid for the shares you become the 'Syndicate Manager' and you can manage your syndicate from your Racehorse Manager. There are no further charges to syndicate managers or members once the up-front share fee has been paid. All our share prices are for the entire season, NOT per month.

All syndicate members get a full Ownaracehorse account and complete access to all the information regarding their horse. The difference is that their account status will be set to 'Syndicate Account'. A syndicate account holder can still apply for member badges and enjoy all the benefits of ownership, however, all winnings from the syndicate shared horse will be paid to the primary syndicate managers account.





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