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Welcome to the special Boost Token deal for Tesco customers!


Use your Clubcard Boost Tokens* to buy a gift or share experience for yourself in real racehorses!

We are a leading racehorse syndication company with up to 10 horses racing per season and trained across the UK. Our shareholders have enjoyed over 80 winners in the last ten years.  Just for Tesco customers - buy an Ownaracehorse Voucher with your Boost Tokens!  Convert your Tokens and then choose any racehorse from our website.

   An interest in real racehorses
   Convert your Boost Tokens to an
      Ownaracehorse voucher then choose
      any racehorse.
   Enjoy being an owner at the races
   Take your share of prizemoney 

   Online access to yard info, results, 

      declarations, race video and more..

   One-off Season price - no other costs!

   Visit your racehorse and trainer

   Only postage and packing to pay for
   Gift Packs available.

* Ownaracehorse standard Terms and Conditions apply.

What's the Deal?

Your Boost Tokens are worth their face value!

It's simple - 25 worth of Tesco Vouchers will be converted into 75 worth of Boost Tokens - which in turn are worth 75.00 at Ownaracehorse.

We ask you to pay for your Welcome or Gift Pack in cash if you want one, and then you or your Gift recipient will have a voucher worth 75.00 to spend against any of the racehorses on our website!

There is only one rule - 75 is the maximum value of Boost Tokens we are able to accept per purchase/per racehorse.  If you want to buy a more expensive voucher then you can, by adding a credit or debit card payment - call our orderline on 01904 591051.

How do I get the Ownaracehorse Voucher with my Boost Tokens?

Its very easy to use your Tesco Boost Tokens - just use our page on the Tesco Website to convert your 25 worth of Tesco Vouchers into Boost Tokens for our deal.  Once you have completed the conversion, Tesco will send you your 75 worth of Boost Tokens.

Return to this page on our website and fill in the form below, pay for a Welcome or Gift Pack (if required) to complete your purchase. You then send your Boost Tokens to us by post.

We will confirm your order once we have your Tokens and send you your Welcome Pack or Gift Pack by post 1st class, or email you your 75.00 Voucher Code if you don't need a pack.
Select Voucher  
Ownership Pack  
Total Cost in Boost Tokens £
Boost Tokens    
Value of Boost Tokens you will send? (max £75) £ eg. 75
Total to Pay Now    
Credit or Debit Card £

Very Important:
If you are buying as a gift, your recipient will not be made aware of the fact that Tesco Tokens have been used to purchase the deal unless they contact us with specific queries regarding their ownership experience.

If you are buying for yourself and do not order a Welcome Pack, we will send you your 75.00 voucher code through to you by email.



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