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    Our Racehorse Trainers    
    Ownaracehorse acts as a bloodstock agent on your behalf - finding horses and trainers who will deliver top value for our shareholders. Unlike other syndicate managers or racing clubs we actively choose different trainers and different types of horses in order to deliver the value our customers demand.

Training racehorses is an art, as well as a science. The successful trainer needs to understand breeding, horse physiology and psychology as well as be aware of the races available to his horses and what they will need to win. Often trainers will specialises in a particular code (such as flat or jumps) or even certain types of races within that code. Many trainers are known for doing well with just sprinters on the flat, or for only producing top quality middle distance horses.

We don't have only one trainer - we ensure there are trainers up and down the country so that your racehorse will run within easy distance of where you live. We are also very choosy about the horses we send to each trainer  - because this choice will determine whether the horses, and therefore our shareholders are successful or not. Whilst the choice of trainer is important, matching the correct horse with the right trainer is imperative.

At Ownaracehorse we work with a wide range of shareholders, owners and trainers and their horses. Generally we specialise in up and coming trainers who are working hard to establish themselves. Often these types of trainers will work harder to be successful with the grades of horses we are buying, as they are attempting to rise through the ranks.

Currently, we have five trainers:
Ollie Pears
Based in Norton, Malton, North Yorkshire. Trains flat horses with a tremendous strike rate. An up-and-coming trainer who we are sure will emerge to be a major Northern based trainer in the coming seasons.  Ollie has excellent facilities, being in a major training centre, and as he has a number of highly rated horses in his yard he is used to travelling all over the country to race them. He has runners as wide apart as Goodwood, over to Newmarket and then up to Musselburgh during a normal racing season.
Philip Kirby
Based in North Yorkshire, Philip trains both flat and jumps horses, but has made his mark in the jumping fraternity.  He has only been training since 2008 but has already proven himself to be a very astute horseman and has an enviable strike record with his older horses.  He races his horses in the North, but also sends them up to Scotland and down to the Midlands tracks when the right opportunity presents itself. He is a trainer to follow, as we are sure he will be hitting the big time very soon.
Tommy Gretton
Tommy is based just outside Inkberrow in the Midlands, only a few miles from both Worcester and Stratford racecourses.  He has both flat and jumps horses, but tends to have more runners under National Hunt rules.  Tommy has a family business, based on his farm in the heart of the countryside. He has had considerable success, especially with our jumpers.
Seamus Durack
Seamus Durack has been training since 2011, but before switching to training, was a top National Hunt jockey.  Now he trains quality Flat and National Hunt racehorses from his base in Lambourn.  He runs his horses throughout the South and Midlands and has an equal amount of success with youngsters and olders horses across both codes.
Michael Smith
Michael trains in the heart of Northumberland, just to the east of Newcastle.  He has a small, family yard where the horses get personal attention.  He has runners on both codes, but does prefer the jumps, and we have had considerable success with him with Chasers in particular..

If you do become an owner with Ownaracehorse you will have the opportunity to visit the yard where your horse is trained. On these days it becomes apparent the level of hard work which is required to run a successful racehorse stables. If we can help trainers place shares in their horses we are providing a valuable service to both them and our shareholders.

We also visit the trainers yard on a regular basis to add the information content to the Ownaracehorse website and keep in touch with other horses in the trainers yard.

In terms of choosing the horses we feature there are no set rules, but most of the horses we feature will already have run. This way, we can know you will get value for money from your purchase. However, we are always looking for progressive sorts which will perhaps be unexposed at the moment - but have a good possibility of improving during the share period. On certain occasions we may also claim a horse from races - an effective means of getting a horse which is known to be fit, ready to run and has shown promise.

If you would like to learn more about our trainers and horses, don't hesitate to call our helpdesk - we are happy to discuss exactly which horses and trainers will be best for you.




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