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    Ownaracehorse on Twitter    
    Its the sort of question we get asked all the time! Believe it or not, we don't spend all of our time going racing - mores the pity!

But now you can keep up to speed with our syndicate managers and what they are doing! Our Twitters are published as a popup from our home page.

To add us, or read our latest tweets go to:
twitter.com/Ownaracehorse or click here

Twitter is a social networking website which allows you to 'follow' what individuals or groups of people are doing.

Twitter asks a very simple question - 'What are you doing?' This means that our syndicate managers provide a few updates every week, to let shareholders, and also those visitors to the site interested in our horses, keep in touch with what's happening behind the scenes at Ownaracehorse.

Our twitters are provided as a window into our company - they do not replace the full syndication service we provide within the Racehorse Manager.

Who is writing the comments?
Our Twitters are contributed by all of our Syndicate Managers - we have five people responsible for our 12-20 horses in training, and all of us add comments whilst we are doing our jobs.

Following our Twitters
If you are a user of Twitter.com you can add us to your 'following' list, so you will get all of our twitters in whatever format you decide. Its easy to register for a new account and these free updates. If you don't have an account, you can register for one, or simply follow our twitters on our home page.

Replying to our Twitters
If you wish you can reply to our Twitters - but please DO NOT expect a response. We only provide the service as publish-only. If you wish to ask a question about our service or regarding your horse please use our website feedback facility or call the helpdesk number above.



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