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    Shares for yourself - Welcome Packs    
    Our Welcome Packs are for a racing enthusiasts who have bought shares for themselves. It is sent to non-gift buyers of racehorses - usually only the first time you purchase a share with us.


The Welcome Pack contains:

- A glossy folder
- A 7 inch by 5 inch photograph of the racehorse(s)
- A full profile of your chosen racehorse(s)
- A booklet describing how to use your Racehorse Manager
- A Fixture List for the current season
- A Welcome Letter personalised to the recipient
- An enamel badge for identification purposes at the racecourse

The Welcome Pack adds an extra 8.00 inclusive of Postage and Packing to your share cost, but is well worth this small fee, as it serves as a reference to all our services during your ownership.

Once you have bought your first share, if you wish to add further shares, or renew your share for the following year, there is no need to pay for another Welcome Pack.  Your Racehorse Manager provides an easy and secure method of adding new shares to your account.

We strongly advise that all new shareholders add a Welcome Pack to their first purchase.



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