Snow Rescue 2019

Well bred jumper, set to make his mark in handicap chases

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Racehorse Profile

This gelding is a very good-looking grey horse and is lightly raced. He ran five times in his 2017 season, in a campaign which never really went his way for a number of reasons, none of which were his fault. The following year he ran twice, the second being his debut over chase fences which was a promising start, given it was his first run of the 2018 season and he needed it to bring him on.

In December 2018 he was found to have heat in a joint and it was discovered he had suffered a minor tendon injury on the gallops. His trainer recommended we give him the rest of the winter off, and instead allow the gelding to come back into training in summer 2018 ahead of an Autumn and Winter campaign through to 2019.

We believe this is a gelding with plenty of ability, which is the reason we bought him back at the sales and why we have persevered with him for the last ten months of rest he has enjoyed.
He was a very expensive 3YO (£50,000), being by top National Hunt sire Stowaway and has yet to reach his potential. His work at home before his setback had been very promising and we are looking forward to taking him chasing.

Trainer Tommy Gretton says of the gelding "I'm really pleased to be training Snow Rescue again for the forthcoming year. We worked hard with him last season and got him a decent enough handicap mark, but nothing really went his way in his races - it was either the ground or his build-up for races last season which let us down. Then he had his setback, which meant he needed to miss the rest of the season - so he deserves a change of luck."

Prospective shareholders should be aware that Snow Rescue is lightly raced and still holds plenty of potential. His last couple of race results were nothing to write home about, but we believe there were good reasons for these performances. Specifically, Tommy believes the gelding was 'over the top' for his last run, and possibly his penultimate one too. However, just like any racehorse you should be hopeful rather than expectant! Please do not participate in this unexposed horse if you would be disappointed with less than a handful of runs. We fully expect him to race about 3-6 times during the share period, but it could be less or more, it just depends on his progress and the amount of time the 5YO requires between races. Shareholders should also be aware that he may run over both hurdles and chase fences during this share period.

Tommy plans to start Snow Rescue back over chase fences in October or November, but he has told us that the gelding jumps very well, and shareholders should expect to see him in Handicap Chases before the end of 2018.

Given the fact that Snow Rescue was an expensive prospect, we are offering his shares at an extremely competitive rate considering his original £50,000 price tag. This is an opportunity for small-share owners to be involved in a promising, lightly raced horse at a value-for-money rate.
Snow Rescue will be campaigned throughout the Midlands and the South. We have had plenty of horses with similar setbacks who have come back to run plenty of times the next season (such as Nicely Indeed - who ran seven times last winter after a tendon injury). The switch to chasing is something we are looking forward to, and Snow Rescue should hopefully provide his shareholders with some decent days out at the races.

Form & Race Plans

The plan for Snow Rescue is to have an opening 'sighter' race in October or November, perhaps over hurdles, and then he will switch to Chasing.  He has recovered well since December at Tommy's yard and we expect him to be a substantially more robust and stamina-led individual this season. In fact, the time off may be just what he needed.

Tommy states "I do believe his future will lie over chase fences, but we will consider both hurdles and the Novice Chase races for him and the plan will alter as we find the best opportunities for him.  I think he is well handicapped now, in the mid 90's and if the right hurdle race presents itself, we will seize that opportunity.  However, if, as i anticipate, he can rise through the chasing ranks, we will obviously concentrate in that.  It's a fluid plan, and will also depend on the ground - he will not race on really heavy going - but he's shown he can cope with soft ground, so I think we will be able to go right through the winter and just avoid the really bad weather."

Your Racehorse Manager will keep shareholders updated on how the gelding is progressing throughout his season and whether there are any changes to his plans.

Snow Rescue 2019 Guarantee

We expect to get achieve 3-6 runs from this gelding during this share period. You should expect periods of no racing as a result of recuperation from injury, training setbacks or the lack of suitable jumps racing in January or February. This share period runs from October 1st 2018 until April 15th 2019. During that time the horse may be rested or have time away from the track to recover and it is quite normal for chasers to have periods of 3-8 or more weeks rest between races. Please DO NOT purchase this share if you will be disappointed with only two or three runs during this share period - chasers are far less likely to run a huge number of times in a season. Please ensure you have read and understood our racing plans for this horse.

We expect demand for Owners Badges on racedays with this horse could be higher than normal. Whilst we have good relations with all the UK tracks, there are always limits to the number of people to whom we can provide badges. Owners Badges are always distributed fairly, but for any major race this gelding runs in, badges will be allocated on a ballot basis for this horse so that all shareholders have the same chance of receiving a free or discounted badge. You must expect that on some occasions we will be unable to provide free or discounted Owners Badges to every shareholder who wants them. However, we will always attempt to get access to the paddock for every shareholder at the meeting, even if they have not been allocated an owners badge.

We provide guarantee with this racehorse: If due to injury the gelding is unable to race more than twice during the stated share period, we will find a replacement horse for shareholders for the remainder of the season. This will be a horse of our choosing and we will be unable to pay prizemoney on any replacements.

As a shareholder you must understand that we cannot guarantee your horses performance, a specific volume of runs (beyond our minimum guarantee) or that runs will be evenly spaced throughout the share period. This is the chance you take when owning any racehorse and participating in this ownership experience. If you will be disappointed with only 2-3 runs from your racehorse during the season, then please DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS OR ANY OTHER RACEHORSE, as you could be disappointed. We believe in being crystal clear with our shareholders - any participation in racehorse ownership is a risk, and we are unable to make any refunds because of share periods which finish early due to injury or retirement - as training and livery fees for the horse still remain whether they are racing or not. This is the chance all shareholders take, as we do ourselves, when participating in the ownership of a racehorse.