Crown Princess 2020

Sharp, forward filly with great conformation and a great attitude.

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Racehorse Profile

Ollie Pears has always been really astute when it comes to choosing yearlings by first season sires. His good judgement has seen our shareholders enjoying wonderful seasons with offspring from sires such as Showcasing, Sahkee's Secret and Lawman well before they became hot property.

This filly is by Mehmas, a top-class sprinter who was challenging for top 2YO sprinter in the UK in 2016. He won several major races including the July Stakes and was second in the Coventry at Royal Ascot.

Ollie told us "She is such a good-looking filly. She caught my eye in the pre-sales ring and was a standout in the first half of the sale. She is as correct as they come and is shaped like a sprinter."

"Mehmas offspring were fetching fancy prices at the Premier Sale and I was keen to buy one if possible, as he seems to have stamped his crop with his own, compact, powerful shape."

Prospective shareholders should be aware that we are hoping that like her father, this filly will be an early runner, hopefully ready to race in the first few months of the season. She should be a five or six furlongs type, which will hopefully mean we will get a number of runs from her.

The other important point to make about this filly is that she has already shown an exceptional calmness and easy-going temperament. Even after only a day at Ollie's yard the filly was being petted and nosing into us in her stable. That's a sure sign she's been well handled as a foal.

"I really like this filly, she has bags of scope and already has shown she has a lovely temperament.

Ollie Pears commented "This horse should be out early season and is already very forward.  I've looked for a youngster who will be ready to go racing as soon as the season starts in April, and this filly struck me as the sort who should come to hand early. "

Ollie went on to state "She is really good-looking bay and if she remains well balanced through the winter she has the right profile to be a sprinter. I'd love to take to York for the Rous stakes in June if everything works out for her. "

Crown Princess is currently at Ollie Pears' yard in Malton and will be broken in before November and then enter full training straight afterwards.  After trotting and cantering in December, she will have a short rest before getting ready to race in the opening stages of the 2020 season.

We are already reporting on the filly's progress for shareholders on an ad-hoc basis, reporting on the major breakthroughs with her training - and we will provide regular updates on her progress on the gallops and with her education in detail from January onward. During the heart of the season we publish update reports every 7-10 days, and more regularly when she actively starts racing.

If everything goes to plan, and Crown Princess is far enough forward both mentally and physically, she will start racing in April/May and then get plenty more gallop experience up the 'Wold Gallop' at Malton and will be race right through spring and summer 2020.  We expect between 3 and 7 runs from this filly this season, and she will most likely race around the Yorkshire, Lancashire and North Eastern racetracks.

Crown Princess has commenced racing for 2020, finishing 3rd at 66/1 on debut at Beverley and then WINNING at Catterick on July 2nd in great style. On that occasion, she had two Royal Ascot runners behind her. She is expected to run several times throughout the rest of the year. The pandemic has caused us to re-evaluate the season for our horses, and so we have added an extra TWO MONTHS to all share periods, meaning this horse may well run into November and December, depending on how the season develops.

Form & Race Plans

The race plans for this filly will be determined by her level of ability shown at home and on the course in 2020.  On breeding she should start at five furlongs and then will perhaps get further, most likely just six furlongs, as she develops physically and mentally during the year.

The standard route of a horse of this type will be to start in Maiden (races for horses who have yet to win a race) or  Novice/Auction or Selling/Claiming races (2YO only races where previous winners get extra weight) and her performance in these first three of four races will determine whether she goes into nursery handicaps, or is good enough to tackle conditions races or even step into pattern races (high value, prestige races).

If, as we believe, she shows that she will be a 5f sprinter, then there are plenty of races available for her from late April onwards.  We will assess this filly's progress and if Ollie believes she has the right level of ability she may get entries for some of the more prestigious races in the racing calendar.

Your online Racehorse Manager will provide full details of all developments in terms of the filly's progress and race planning as the season progresses.

Crown Princess 2020 Guarantee

We expect to get 2-5 runs and sometimes more from all our 2YO horses per share period, however, you should expect periods of no racing as a result of recuperation from injury or training setbacks.  This share period starts proper at the start of the turf season on April 1st 2020 and runs through the turf season until November 1st 2020, however we will be reporting on the filly before the share period starts (from January 2020) should we have anything of importance to share with shareholders.

During the season the horse may be rested or have time away from the track to recover and it is quite normal for a flat horse to have periods of 3-6 weeks rest between races. 2YO's are particularly susceptible to sore shins, bone chips and growing pains, and can need a greater time to recover between races.   

We provide guarantees with all our racehorses. If this filly has a season-ending injury and has not already raced twice during the share period, we will replace her with an alternative horse for the remainder of the season. Replacement horses may not be of the same quality, are provided with no further guarantees and no alternative choice can be provided. Prizemoney cannot be paid on any replacements, but all other benefits such as yard visits and race day badges are available.

2YO's are the most risky of racehorses to own - and you should be aware that there is a chance that your 2YO may not race at all. Around 20% of 2YO's will not reach the racecourse during their 2YO season.

As a shareholder you must understand that we cannot guarantee your horses performance, a specific volume of runs (beyond our minimum guarantee) or that runs will be evenly spaced throughout the share period.  This is the chance you take when owning any racehorse and participating in this ownership experience.  If you will be disappointed with only 2-3 runs from your racehorse during the season, then please DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS OR ANY OTHER RACEHORSE, as you could be disappointed.  We believe in being crystal clear with our shareholders - any participation in racehorse ownership is a risk, and we are unable to make any refunds because of share periods which finish early due to injury or retirement - as training and livery fees for the horse still remain whether they are racing or not and part of your lease payment covers the build up to the season. 

This risk is the chance all shareholders take, as we do ourselves, when participating in the ownership of a racehorse.