Glen Rosa 2021

Exciting young gelding expected to make his mark as a 3YO in 2021.

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Racehorse Profile

Glen Rosa (known as 'Champion' in the yard) was a late May foal, and as a result the decision was made to give him time to mature as a 2YO. His sire, Heeraat was a late developer, as was his mother, and so we have been planning for this good looking gelding to seriously start his career on the track in 2021.

Adam West trains this gelding's half sister, Peggie Sue, who has won seven races from thirty-four starts and is rated 85. We liked this youngster because he is incredibly similar to his sister, and he shares a similar bloodline to her - going back to Green Desert.

Adam told us "Peggie Sue is a really consistent, robust mare and this chap is really a chip off the block. His early work on the gallops was very promising and he has a similar attitude to Peggie Sue. He might need his first race or two to find his feet, but he's shaping like a good horse. She's won plenty of races, so we're looking to him to do the same."

Adam added 'He's slightly smaller than Peggie Sue, but just like her, I have seen lots of improvement as he's grown and matured. He will only get better with age.'

Trained in Epsom, the plan for this gelding is to have a full season of racing in 2021. We allowed him to race a few times at the end of 2020, mostly on the All-Weather, in order to give him the experience of racing. He ran a great race first time out as a 2YO up at Redcar and then went to Kempton and Wolverhampton where he finished midfield twice. He is now handicapped and rated 62, which is a great starting point for the season ahead.

"He has shown he will be similar to Peggie Sue, in that we will start him over six or seven furlongs in 2021. I expect, like his sister, he will improve all the way through his 3YO season, but he's already shown at home that he can hold his own," commented trainer Adam West.

‘He has grown and filled out over winter, turning into a proper racehorse and I’m glad we gave him those first few runs as a 2YO, as we can start 2021 on the front foot,’ added Adam.

Adam's best guess at the moment is that Glen Rosa will be racing in handicaps in May 2021. However, this could alter, now that the gelding is in full work at the Loretta Lodge stables in Epsom.

Adam commented, "We're really looking forward to this lad's first few runs as a three-year-old, as his sister Peggie Sue is a stable favourite. All the indications at the moment are that he is taking the same path as his sister, and I anticipate we'll have him fully educated and raring to go by the time we get to spring 2021."

We hope to stage a visit to Adam's Epsom yard for shareholders as soon as the lockdown ends in late June.

Form & Race Plans

The race plans for this gelding will be determined by his level of ability shown at home and on the course in 2021. On breeding he should start at five or six furlongs and then will perhaps get further as he develops physically and mentally during the year.

The standard route of a horse of this type will be to start in Maiden (races for horses who have yet to win a race) or Novice/Auction or Selling/Claiming races (2YO only races where previous winners get extra weight) and his performance in these first three of four races will determine whether he goes into nursery handicaps, or is good enough to tackle conditions races or even step into pattern races (high value, prestige races).

If, as we believe, he improves with racing, possibly in late 2020, he should be eligible for handicaps by the start of the 2021 turf season. We will assess this gelding's progress and if Adam believes he has the right level of ability he may get entries for some of the more prestigious races for 3YO's in the racing calendar.

Your online Racehorse Manager will provide full details of all developments in terms of the horse's progress and race planning as the season progresses.

Glen Rosa 2021 Guarantee

We expect to get 2-5 runs and sometimes more from all our horses per share period, however, you should expect periods of no racing as a result of recuperation from injury or training setbacks.

This share period will start on April 1st 2021 or when the gelding has his first run, and will finish on November 1st 2021, however we will be reporting on the horse before the share period starts should we have anything of importance to share with shareholders. If the gelding should race before the official start of the share period we will bring the start of the season forward for shareholders as an added benefit.

During the season the horse may be rested or have time away from the track to recover and it is quite normal for a flat horse to have periods of 3-6 weeks rest between races. All horses are susceptible to sore shins, bone chips, breathing issues and growing pains, and can need time to recover between races.

We provide guarantees with all our racehorses. If this horse has a season-ending injury and has not already raced twice during the share period, we will replace her with an alternative horse for the remainder of the season. Replacement horses may not be of the same quality, are provided with no further guarantees and no alternative choice can be provided. Prizemoney cannot be paid on any replacements, but all other benefits such as yard visits and race day badges are available.

As a shareholder you must understand that we cannot guarantee your horse's performance, a specific volume of runs (beyond our minimum guarantee) or that runs will be evenly spaced throughout the share period. This is the chance you take when owning any racehorse and participating in this ownership experience. If you will be disappointed with only 2-3 runs from your racehorse during the season then please DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS OR ANY OTHER RACEHORSE, as you could be disappointed. We believe in being crystal clear with our shareholders - any participation in racehorse ownership is a risk, and we are unable to make any refunds because of share periods which finish early due to injury or retirement - as training and livery fees for the horse still remain whether they are racing or not. Please be aware that a portion of your lease payment covers the build up to their season.

By buying a share you accept that the risks outlined above. They represent the chance we, and all our shareholders take, when participating in the ownership of a racehorse.