The Syndicate Manager

A novel by one of our Syndicate Managers - Richard Laws

The Syndicate Manager Cover We wouldn't normally promote a book on Ownaracehorse, however this work of fiction is a bit different, being written by one of our own Syndicate Managers - Richard Laws. He is one of the founders of Ownaracehorse and his experience with us over the last fifteen years makes this novel a bit different.

Instead of intrigue with jockey's amd trainers (although they are in there too!), The Syndicate Manager is a thriller which follows a syndicate as they fight to keep control of their horse, and their lives! We are obvious a bit bias, but we can report that people who have read the proofs of the book have really enjoyed it..

The book is released on August 31st and is available on Amazon at only £3.99 for the Kindle/E-reader and £8.99 for the paperback. You can read the first chapter on the book's dedicated website.