Choosing a racehorse

Select the right racehorse for you

Choosing a racehorse from ownaracehorse

Choosing a racehorse

When choosing a racehorse from our list of syndicates, you need to consider exactly what you are aiming to achieve from your involvement in a racehorse. Being a part of one of our syndicates brings lot of different potential options for involvement - but its worth thinking about exactly what your WANT from your experience - ie. which benefits are most important to you - for example:

  • Do you want to go racing as an owner?
    If so, look for a racehorse which is likely to race in your area of the country - so the journey isn't too far. We have racehorses based in the South, Midlands and the North - so look at each horse's profile to see where the trainer is based and therefore the racetracks they are most likely to run. We also state the most likely racetracks for each horse in their full profile.

  • Is visiting your racehorse at the stables important to you?
    Again, check where your trainer is based (in their profile) and make sure you will be able to travel to their yard. All our trainers are available to visit AT LEAST TWICE during each season/share period when we run open mornings or afternoons. You can register for these visits in your Racehorse Manager.

  • Are you more interested in following your horse's progress from home?
    on the gallopsIf you are, its doesn't matter about location - we report on all our racehorses equally often, but bear in mind that the more expensive horses are so for a good reason!

    If you want a horse who could be racing on ITV on a Saturday, choose one which is highly rated, or has already won races in a high grade - the horse's profile will tell you this.

  • Do you want a horse that runs plenty of times?
    Just because a racehorse runs in Class 5 or 6 grade races doesn't mean they can't be great fun to follow! Winning a Class 6 race is just as exhilerating as winning a Class 3! If you ideally want plenty of action from your racehorse, look for a seasoned handicapper and stay away from untried young racehorses. On the flat, sprinters tend to racemore often than middle-distance horses, and over jumps, hurdlers tend to race more than chasers.

  • Or are you looking for a young horse that could improve through the ranks?
    Some shareholders want to have the chance of the dream coming true and being a part of a young flat or jumps horse which has potential and can excitingly climbs the racing ranks. If so, look for an un-raced 2YO or Novice Hurdlers.

leading upIn the end, whether a racehorse has a successful season or not is anyone's guess! It's a risky business choosing a racehorse, as injuries or bad weather can keep horses away from the racetrack for periods of time. If you can afford it, we ALWAYS recommend that instead of buying a large number of shares in one single racehorse for a season, you choose smaller shares in more than one racehorse - which gives great value for money and will hopfully ensure you always have a racehorse who is actively racing. Most of our shareholders who come back to us for their ownership thrills year after year own two or three different racehorses each season.

Ready to buy a share? If you want help we have full instructions on how to buy from us.