Creating your own 'String' or racehorses

You can hold shares in more than one racehorse & keep them all together

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Become an owner of two or more racehorses

The concept of Ownaracehorse is that you are able to own just one, or a string of horses - of your choosing. Many syndicates or Racing Clubs will offer a share in a group of horses - but they will not be in different yards or provide many of the benefits of ownership.

We offer the ability for you to have an interest in one or more horses, which you choose - and have a single place from which to manage your string of horses. The Racehorse Manager keeps you in touch with each of your racehorses from an easy to use website which can be accessed from a phone, tablet or PC. In fact, on a smartphone the Racehorse Manager acts just like an App.

Once you have purchased your first shares, you may then subsequently add as many different horses as you wish to your account. You can also mix the types of horses you have an interest in - for example:

victory 1. Your first horse could be a single purchase of one share in one racehorse.

2. From within your Racehorse Manager account you add a second horse with a different trainer.

3. You decide you want prizemoney with one of your horses, so top up the shares required. The new horse automatically appears in your Racehorse Manager and displays as prizemoney earning.

4. Your friend buys you a Gift Pack - which entitles you to a gift voucher. You redeem the voucher and the new horse or syndicate appears in your Racehorse Manager immediately.

5. You decide to go for a 'Private Service' (bigger share of 4% or higher), and that is added into your same account.

Adding more horses to your account is very straightforward. You may add racehorses to your Racehorse Manager portfolio at any time, and it is always worth perusing the public horses for sale area from time to time, as you may just pick up a bargain, especial with horses which have already started their season!

The more horses you own a share of, the more information and days out at the races as an owner you can enjoy - and you will also more likely to be allocated free raceday badges.

If you would like more information about owning multiple horses, please don't hesitate to contact us either by email or telephone.