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The people you will meet as a shareholder

Every horse we select to feature on the Ownaracehorse site has been analysed by the Ownaracehorse team with one objective in mind - to bring our shareholders value for money. As well as our office and technical staff, who are well versed in the racing industry and the availability of horses from our site (try ringing our number!), we also are lucky enough to have experts in form analysis as well as true horsemen working on our team.

Working as a unit, we have the ability to pinpoint both trainers and horses which will be available at the right price, fit and ready to run. This is a very different proposition from a normal syndicate or Racing Club. Also remember that if we don't sell all the shares in a particular horse it means the Ownaracehorse team retain the rest of the shares - which means we have a vested interest in generating winners. We require every horse we place on the site to provide value, both to our shareholders and ourselves.

One of the essential parts of our service is being able to provide a representative at the racecourse. We employ a number of representatives - here are some of the people you will meet and speak to when you go racing with your horse. Although our correspondence address is in York, our staff are based all over the country.

Richard Laws Richard Laws
Richard is a very experienced syndicate manager, having managed over 50 horses over the last twelve years. He is one of the founders of the company and is deeply involved in the sourcing and management of our racehorses. He tends to represent us at the Yorkshire and Midlands based racecourses and is in attendance at most of our yard visits.

Peter McCafferty Peter McCafferty
A co-founder of Ownaracehorse, Peter in based in Lincolnshire and is responsible for reporting on many of our racehorses as well as hosting stable visits and also doing some representation work. He has earned his living from the racing industry for over ten years, and is also a student of form and breeding, which aids in the sourcing and placing of our racehorses.

Mike D Mike D
Our northernmost representative, Mike manages many of our Northern trained horses and is a regular at racecourses such as Sedgefield, Catterick, Hexham and Newcastle. He has a keen eye for a decent jumper and contributes regularly to our updates and handicapping information within the Racehorse Manager and often covers our Scottish based racehorses.

Graham L Graham L
Having owned many horses in the past, Graham is our senior racing representative. He attends racecourses all over the country and also helps manage our regular yard visits. Always looking dapper, Graham is well known to shareholders who go racing regularly and brings his experience to bear on all sorts of subjects!

Linda C Linda C
Linda has been involved with racing for a number of years, having owned horses and been a part of racing clubs, she is one of our representatives in the South and Midlands.

Brian A Brian A
Brian is based in Windsor, and is a representative in the South - covering horses trained in Lambourn, Cheltenham and Worcester.

Above information correct at October 2021