The Ownership Experience

What you or your gift recipient can expect from us

Experience the parade rung

What to expect as a shareholder

Ownaracehorse is not a huge, corporate company. We are a small group of racing enthusiasts who are lucky enough to earn our living from buying and managing racehorses. When we set up back in 2004, there was two objectives - to make the shares affordable, and to ensure that our service was both the best available, and as personal as we could make it. Those two objectives have remained to this day, and have proven to be the basis for our success.

horseracingBecause we ensure a representative of Ownaracehorse is at all our yard visits and every run from our racehorses, it means we get to know our shareholders well, and it ensures that even a first-time owner will quickly feel at home.

We also run a telephone and email Helpdesk six days a week - so we speak with our shareholders regularly.

We are always open and honest about all aspects of our racehorses, and we try to be as fair as possible when a racehorse gets injured - which is why we are one of the only syndicates in the UK to offer a value guarantee.

Daily Reporting and updates

As a shareholder you will receive regular updates by email, audio, video or text message (if you choose this option). These updates are always time-sensitive, so we try to report as soon as we have new information about your racehorse. All our reports are written or recorded by ourselves - and we are proud of the high quality information we publish. You may find that we actually send you too many updates!

We are lucky to have a high level of technical expertise within the business - so our online Racehorse Manager is a resource most shareholders will access regularly. It will work on any device and is easy to master - we have 90 year olds reading their racehorse updates, making owners badge requests, stable visit requests and going racing with us!

Stable Visits

We try to keep our yard visits to a managaeable and intimate number wherever possible. So even though you will own a small share, each yard visit we hold will only have about 40 shareholders and their families at the stables. We have chosen our trainers very carefully - to ensure that shareholders can get up close to their racehorse, the stable staff and of course the trainers themselves. None of our trainers have a 'no touch' policy - which means you can really get to know your horse. We also serve free teas, coffees etc.. at your stable visits, and there is absolutely no selling at these visits - guaranteed.

Going Racing

going racingAt the races you should feel like an owner who owns the entire racehorse. At least, that is what we aspire to. We will always have a named representative at the track whenever one of our racehorses runs, and they are there to be your host - to meet you, introduce themselves and ensure you are part of things both before and after the race. If there are any VIP options on the day, like free lunches or viewing boxes, we will make them available to our shareholders. Although we are dependent on the racecourse to provide the badges and facilities, we know the courses very well, and will usually be able to provide the named shareholder with at least a discounted Owners badge when your racehorse runs.

Ownaracehorse is run as a business, but it is managed with a huge amount of passion. For the people involved it was the love of the sport that led us to create the service. You can also read about our team.