Our Ownership

Service Highlights

We have been running successful racehorse syndicates since 2004. Sourcing decent, competitive racehorses is key to enjoying the ownership of your racehorse, but delivering a dynamic and time sensitive service to our shareholders is just as important.

-   TWO stable visits per trainer every season
-   Fair allocation of Owners Badges
-   Email & telephone Helpdesk Service
-   Honest reports every 7-10 days without fail
-   Unique online Racehorse Manager service
-   Peace of mind with our racing guarantee
-   Our staff at the racetrack to meet you
-   Blogs, photos, videos & audio updates
-   Gift Packs always available
-   Prizemoney can be earned on all our shares

A healthy combination of winning racehorses and high quality information has helped us become the most popular internet-based racehorse syndication company.

The Racehorse Manager

Racehorse ManagerThe Racehorse Manager is our online management system. It keeps you up to date with your racehorses, but is far more than just a web page with the odd message on it (which is what many syndicates provide).

All of your account information, racehorse entries, declarations and results are contained in your Racehorse Manager. Plus, the system manages your prizemoney earned, badge allocations, racehorse reports, photos, videos and the Ownaracehorse team blogs. It also alerts you by email and text message as well. It's one of the reasons we are so popular.

Stable Visits

Stable visitsThere's nothing quite like visiting your racehorse at the trainers yard. Meet your trainer, stable staff and find out about the yard and other racehorses.

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Frequently asked

got a query? we have the answers...

We have an exaustive list of the questions and answers most often asked regarding our racehorses and service. It's very likely your query will be covered, but if not you can always call or email us.

Going racing with your racehorse

It really is simple - and takes no more than a minute to sort


It only takes a moment to login to your account and access your racehorse information. Our software is responsive, so you can use your mobile, tablet or PC.

Request your Owners badges

The racemeeting will be displayed prominently in your Racehorse Manager. You simply click on 'Book Badge' and then confirm how many badges you require.

Your Owners Badges confirmed

At least a day before the race you'll get an allocation email with all the information you need. We book your badges directly with the racecourse - you simply arrive and give your name at the Owners & Trainers entrance!