Result Reports

Full result reporting and trainer/jockey feedback

Racing Results

Result Reporting

When your racehorse is declared to race and goes to a race meeting as well as covering the build up to the race, we also provide full feedback from all interested parties regarding the result.

There is a special area to the Racehorse Manager where you can view current and archived results. Every area of the result is reported upon and analysed, including the jockey and trainer feedback - both at the time and a day after the race.

You can view the result within an hour after the race, and as well as the classified result, there are links to reports on the race. Both jockey and trainer comments are quite in-depth, rather than just a single comment. You will probably also receive an

We also provide links into the race video, and shareholders are also invited to provide feedback on the race if they wish within a comments section. With most results there will also be links into the racehorse's gallery, where both photos and videos from the day at the races can be viewed.

We also report on how the horse has come back to the yard the next day. This is done as a part of an update through the news postings and ensures that shareholders are aware of any changes in the horse's wellbeing as a result of the exertions at the racecourse.