Going Racing with your Racehorse

A day at the races as an owner with Ownaracehorse

Going Racing

Going Racing with your racehorse

Ownaracehorse is primarily an online service. However, the racing action and thrills happen offline at the racetrack! That's why we work hard both online and offline to make sure that you get value for your share. With each share you purchase you are able to apply for Free Owners Badges and Discounted Owners Badges when your horse runs - giving you free or reduced-price access to the racecourse on the day your racehorse runs, plus the other benefits that ownership can bring.

An Ownaracehorse representative will be present at the track to make sure you get the most from the experience - to help you find your way around the parade ring, and also ensure you are able to get the feedback from the jockey afterwards - and perhaps even the champagne if the horse wins!

victory Every racehorse share allows you to apply to get an Owners Badge (free or discounted course entry to the premier Owners enclosure) when your horse runs. So the moment your horse is entered to run, you can let us know you wish to go racing, via your Racehorse Manager.

We always state how many free badges will be available each time your horse is declared to run (in your Racehorse Manager) and we allocate the free and discounted Owners Badges dependent on the amount available, and the size of your share ownership. The number of badges available are dependent on each racecourse and each racehorse.

Important: If you purchase multiple shares in a horse, you are more likely to receive free owners badges. If you always intend to be accompanied by a friend at the racecourse, you can apply for badges for them also, but again, you are more likely to receive multiple badges if you own multiple shares.

Due to the numbers of shareholders we involve in our horses we may be unable to allocate everyone badges on certain popular racedays. However, in 90% of cases all our shareholder requirements for badges are met with at least discounted entry as an owner.

victory Even if you can't get a badge, you can still go and see your horse run, meet the trainer, jockey and experience a day at the races. At virtually all of the racetracks we also have Ownaracehorse representatives. These are people who are part of the Ownaracehorse team and so they have a good knowledge of the racing scene and a deep knowledge of your horse.

If you are going to the races and wish to enter the parade ring, you are more than welcome. Your Racehorse Manager will send a confirmation via email the night before. This email will also indicate whether a representative will be at the course on the day and instructions of how to meet him/her.

The representative will meet with you prior to the race and then escort you into the parade ring to meet the other owners, your trainer (if available) and your jockey. On average we have between 6 and 12 shareholders attending each run during the week, whilst a weekend race meeting will attract more shareholders.