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Email Alerts

The Racehorse Manager is not only an online facility for tracking and managing your racehorse experience. The Racehorse Manager will also provide you with regular communications via email, text message and on occasion by phone.

Every time there is a major event concerning your racehorse, the Racehorse Manager will contact you - by the method of you choice.

General news and updates are always provided with an email alert, so you don't miss an pertinent information. However, the Racehorse Manager comes into its own when managing entries, declarations and badge allocations - making sure that shareholders are kept abreast of developments at every step of the process, and sending detailed email updates and Text messages to shareholders.

If you wish to make use of the Text Messaging facility, you may add a bundle of texts to your account. Bundles can be purchased within the Racehorse Manager, and are only £5 for fifty messages (enough for one racehorse for an entire season).

Any Private Service purchase always come with a bundle of Text Messages which should last the entire season. Full details of this service is supplied within the Racehorse Manager.