Stable updates, Racehorse Reports & Blogs

We regularly report on your racehorse throughout the season


Racehorse updates and other reports

Regardless of whether your racehorse is currently racing, we update your horse with postings to the Racehorse Manager every 7-10 days. We believe its essential to keep you in touch with what's happening to your racehorse, even if there is little to report.

Every report is written to a high standard by Syndicate Managers who are in touch with your trainer on a frequent basis. The information is provided in an easy-to-read format, and there are simple print options which allow you to print off each report and read them at your leisure.

Every time there is a new posting regarding your horse you will receive an email alert, to ensure you don't miss any important information. The content of the news updates often includes photos and video.

Each report is between 400 and 2000 words long, and provides detailed information regarding your racehorse. Every time your horse runs there is an in-depth posting which relates exactly how the trainer feels the horse will perform, as well as a professional handicappers view of the race. We also post audio reports - so that you can listen to the feedback from one of our syndicate managers after a run while we are still on the racecourse, or if something of news-worthyness happens whilst we are out of the office.

Our racehorse updates are the heart of our service, but they are not the only regular posting which shareholders have to look forward to. Our Blogs are very popular, written by our syndicate managers, they detail information regarding yards, runs, days at the sales and general racing postings.

We are also happy for shareholders to submit their feedback, so there is a racehorse request/reply mechanism on every page of the Racehorse Manager.