A comparison of Ownaracehorse with other small-share Syndicates

There are plenty of syndicates out there. So why choose us?

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How do I compare racehorse syndicate websites?

If you are reading this posting its probably because you've already read the details of a few other websites advertising racehorse syndicates. It can be a time consuming and confusing experience, especially if you are new to racehorse ownership. The primary problem is that you can't be sure whether you're comparing apples with apples.

So, here's a few things we recommend you look for:

How many shares are in each racehorse?

This is important. There are some syndicates who will offer extremely cheap shares, but they will sell thousands per horse in order to maximise their profit. If you are paying under £100, be aware that you may be in a syndicate with several hundred, if not thousands of other people. This means your chances of gaining owners badges when your horse runs is minimal.
OWNARACEHORSE limits each syndicate to less than 80 people. This means that for an average midweek race about 15-25 shareholders request an Owners badge to go racing. It is rare for us not to be able to offer some sort of Owners badge or discounted entry to our shareholders for every run of their racehorse.

What percentage is each share?

If the syndicate doesn't advertise the percentage you will own, then you can assume it will be miniscule. Some syndicates will say something like 'There will be 4,000 shares', which basically means you will own 0.025%. Or put that another way, for every £1,000 the horse earns in prizemoney during the season (after costs) your share of winnings will be 2p (two pence!).
OWNARACEHORSE shares are a minimum of 0.2% per share - that means one-fifth of one percent - £2.00 for every £1000 earned.

What's the service like?

Always look for comments from actual shareholders. We've had shareholders come to us, spend a season with a horse, then go elsewhere based on a cheap offer, only to return the next season and tell us that they didn't receive anything more than a couple of lines about their horses once a month, or were posted a newsletter which was out of date and full of adverts.
OWNARACEHORSE reports on every racehorse every 10-12 days as a minimum by email, text message and on our website. When a horse is actively racing this reporting increases to 4-5 times a week and includes photos, video and audio reports.

How long has the syndicate been around?

Syndicates come and go - often after only a few months. On average only half of all newly created syndicates will be operating after their first season. Look for a syndicate with a bit of history behind them. If they don't advertise how long they have been in business you can assume they are relatively new, and therefore more risky.
OWNARACEHORSE created its first syndicate in 2004. At the time of writing, we have been continuously operating for over twenty years and OWNARACEHORSE are the ONLY small-share syndicate to provide a racing guarantee at no extra cost.

The very best of luck finding a winning racehorse to be part of!